Always Prepared Info – Family Oriented Prepper Forum

American Preppers Network – Big Prepper Forum

A.N.T.S. – Survival Network of Preppers, ready to help each other.

BackWoodsHome – Wow, My Awesome Wife just found this, this guys has been doing this for 19 years!.

eHam – Lots of good ham radio info and equipment reviews.

Everything You Need to Know about Food Dehydration.

GaltStrike – If you don’t get it, start by watching the video below. (Doesn’t look like this one ever really got off the ground, but I like the idea.)

Hack A Day – Not prepper stuff, but lots of little knowledge tid bits that could be useful if you ever have to hack stuff together after SHTF, like tearing down old microwaves to make a welder, or making gun powder from home ingredients. (well now this website will definitely get flagged. ohh well.)

Oath Keepers – Not really a survival site… Unless we end up needing them!

Survivalist Forum – Really active survival forum.

The Survival Mom – My Wife Loves It!

Thrive – High Quality Long Term Food. (Costs just a bit more, but the reviews say its worth it.)