Hi Fellow Preppers

If your reading this then there is a good chance you are also concerned about what the next few years could bring for the economy and US dollar. Some of you may be passively  worried, and just stashing a couple cans of corn in the basement, while others are surely crazy with huge hidden bunkers and enough weapons to outfit a small city. As for me, I am somewhere in between. I have enough to make it through a few month to half year transition period, but also realize that in this environment I must diversify my assets amongst many different investment types (metals, food, guns, equipment, land, home, etc…) and still put away enough in my 401k/investments so that I have a chance of retiring comfortably if this all somehow holds together. I am also level headed enough to realize I need to enjoy my life and family, cause this is the only one I have. Most of all, I have realized no matter how much you hoard, no matter how much gold you have, no matter how many guns you own, all of these things are still just things, and at best, your second most valuable resource. The most valuable asset you have is your brain/mentality. If you believe society owes you something or believe you will take the things you need by force, your likely to wind up making your situation much worse, very quickly. However if you realize that while you cannot control everything, you always have the ability to make your life better by making smart, responsible decisions, these decisions will lead to actions that will help carry you and your family through the worst times.

This mentallity has lead me to start prepping. I have in many ways treated prepping as a hobby. It has made the whole experience rather enjoyable and an activity I enjoy with my family. My wife is the best woman I have ever met and has really gotten into it. This has been great for our relationship, giving us a hobby to enjoy together and spurring many conversations about how to best position/prepare our family for anything.

In addition I derive additional enjoyment by combining this hobby with my other hobbies/work. I am a Mechanical Engineer who graduated from VA Tech. Being an engineer I am always interested in cool gadgets, systems and methodologies I can build/invent in my garage. This enjoyment is what led me to build this site. I always found myself looking for that really cool prepper idea/item and how to really make things stretch in an emergency. There are hundreds of sites out there about prepping, and many of them are great, and contain very good information that more people should be reading and considering. However most of these sites focus around the same general ideas, food, food, food, guns, gold, generator, radio, etc… I wanted to document some of the really cool items I have found in my searches that seem to work really well for the average American living in suburbia. I hope these ideas/items help some other people prepare. Please feel free to send in your cool item/idea and submit comments to others.