Hi All

Sorry its been sooo long since my last post. Been a busy holiday season, busy work, winter atrocious and still coming!

On top of that I have a different hobby in the winters, and, I am starting a new job in a week. But enough about me.

So one thing I finished off last year was finishing up my basement. It was already half done when I moved in, just finished off the ceilings and doors, and paint, carpet, lights and a decent TV with surround sound to top it of. Mental note, run the surround sound wires before doing the ceiling/walls.

So one thing I did was enclose the main HVAC distribution duct in drywall. Came out pretty good. In doing so, i covered over a panel access to turn on/off the gas to my gas fireplace (ohh I wish I had a wood one.) So I had to add another panel so I could reach in and get to the valve. Basicly the way it worked out, the ducting is about 5 feet wide at its most, but only goes less than half the way across at that width. The rest is only about 2.5 feet wide. Soooo I wind up with about 40 cubic feet of volume that’s just empty. I did put in insulation in the joists, this volume is below that. Kept looking at this space, and decided what the heck, lets fill it with individually wrapped toilet paper/paper towels, and boy did I. Filled every cranny and it worked out great. Not worried about fire or anything, the ducting is plenty insulated and there’s nothing that heats up or throws a spark. I wanted individually wrapped rolls so that dust and insulation doesn’t get into it. The paper is light enough that I am really not worried about flexing the drywall. Honestly, there is enough bracing on the drywall that its really solid anyways. Had to put in a second access hatch to reach, but that’s a small cost increase for the space.

I didn’t count, but it actually took multiple trips over a month or so, and there must be well over 200,000 sheets of 1 ply toilet paper, plus 40+ paper towel rolls. As far as I am concerned, its not going to go bad. It can sit there for 5 years, climate control, not that that really matters, then I will cycle it out. This way toilet paper doesn’t take up some of my more easy to reach places that I want to use for food preps.