Carvin' Jack

The Sarcastic Survivalist:

Disclaimer: This information is intended only for those truly interested in Survival Topics. Armchair experts need not apply (however, I’m sure they can’t resist commenting).

Now before all you Prepper, Survivalist, Bug-Out-Bag Totin’, Bear Grylls worshiping experts get your scented designer panties in a bunch, let me explain. This was not written with you in mind sweet pea, so unless you want to be irritated further, just move along to some political conspiracy site (the chair leg is broken; Anna packed a large apple in her lunch).

Flexcut’s Carvin’ Jack incorporates six (6) wood carving blades into one handy tool. Whether carving a trap trigger or a spoon, I believe that any outdoorsman can see the utility and function of this tool. The tool lends itself well to improvised woodcraft.

The Carvin’ Jack is about 4¼” in length and about 5/8” thick (just a little bigger than a full-sized stockman style pocket knife). The tool weighs in at about 3½ ounces. It is sturdy and well-built to its intended function(s) however, as with any tool, it probably won’t hold up to continued abuse.

The individual tools are:

  • Detail Knife
  • Straight Gouge
  • Hook Knife
  • V-Scorp
  • Gouge Scorp
  • Chisel

The blades are a hard carbon steel (needs to be kept lightly lubricated to prevent rust) and have nail nicks to aid extraction. All of the blades are extremely sharp and ready to use, right out of the package. All of the blades lock with a simple, but effective, lockback (modified slip joint) system.

The tool is supplied with a decent leather belt sheath and one of Flexcut’s SlipStrops with a block of Polishing compound. The tool is available in both a right and left handed version.