Hi All

Sorry for the long absence, work has been really killing my free time. Been doing plenty of stuff, made some candles, got a bigger propane tank, tending the garden, tried canning for the first time, etc… All these things need written up eventually.

In the meantime, realized something cool today.

So my wife wanted us to get a landline phone again. We used to have it, strictly for the emergency aspect of it, then got tired of spending the money, and the spam phone calls. Funny how you get so much more of  those on a landline.

In any case, she finally talked me back into it. Got it setup, and as I was doing it, I wondered to myself if there is enough power to draw on to charge a cell phone??? Well wouldn’t ya know there is, and others have already done it. There is a great little instructable about how to accomplish this. Has a great video to go with it.


Only need a couple of components and a whala. About as simple as it gets from an electrical standpoint.

Now before you go thinking free cell charging, I would caution. I am sure this is actually illegal in some way. On some other site which I cannot seem to find again, it referenced some FCC code bla bla stating that no device may draw more than 10 micro amps continuously from the phone line. That’s not enough to do much of anything, much less charge your phone. And I am sure if you left this on continuously it would be detected, and your phone provider would contact you.

That said, all these rules are fine and dandy, but they go out the window in real emergencies. Like in the world of ham radio, only licensed hams can use certain spectrums, unless there is an actual emergency, with danger to life or property. In those conditions, anyone can use ham, IF there is no other way.

So, having the appropriate components and cable around, really isn’t a bad idea. Ya never know, it might just save your life in some odd circumstance.

I wouldn’t recommend using it (at least for very long) if its just the power out, and your bored.

That said, this is pretty cool, and definitely on my to do list. Will post an update when I get it done.