My wife is a great and awesome woman, who has an incredible skill to spend money… She says wisely, but that can be in the eye of the beholder. That said, without here, who knows what would happen to the kids, they sure would be stinky.

Anyways, so she was browsing as she typically does every day, and found something called Extra Fuel. Neither my wife nor I had ever heard of it.

extra fuelSo I do some research. Turns out its a “non-flammable” gasoline substitute you can safely carry in your car in case you run out of fuel. Its “non-flammable” in that the vapors will not catch fire/explode like gas. It will still “burn” but it has to already be “hot”. Meaning, its flash point, or temperature at which it will catch fire when exposed to  a lit match, is 105F, which is fairly high when compared to gasoline’s -50F flash point.

So the way this works is, if you run out of gas, the theory is you already have a warm engine, which can get this stuff hot enough to burn. Also, even if your engine has cooled a bit, there should be enough gasoline in the bottom of the tank to at least turn the engine a few times. Adding Extra Fuel to the tank has the effect of pushing this leftover gasoline forward to the engine.

So this stuff is a nice little emergency item in the car, but what makes it really interesting to a 10 year + shelf life. Actually there FAQ page does say unlimited even. As with many things, I am sure the truth is somewhere in between. Maybe plan on 10 years if you actually keep the stuff in your trunk. Maybe 20-30 if you keep it in a climate controlled area? As we all know gasoline has a horrible shelf life and you have to use Sta-Bil or Pri-G to extend its life. Even then your really only increasing its life from  3 months to maybe 3 years on the very high end. I personally will be rotating my treated gasoline once a year in the winter months. At least that’s the plan.

What stinks about this stuff is the price. Like WOW, 34 bucks for a HALF GALLON!!! Even over at amazon its 30 bucks.  That is just ridiculous. On Woot they had it going for 34 bucks for a whole Gallon, which is still nuts. At those prices, you may consider it as an emergency item in the car, but even then, i will admit I am not 34 dollars worth of concerned, and thus have not bought any. Reviews seem good though, and some will freak out thinking they are damaging their engines, but I think those fears are overrated. I’m 30 and really cannot remember ever actually having run out of gas, but I have run out of gas money.

Really what we preppers would want, would be a 55 Gallon drum of this stuff delivered for under 5 bucks a gallon. At those prices I would consider it. Honestly at those prices, even if I never need it for an emergency, who here really thinks gas won’t be over 5 dollars a gallon in 5-10 years. So on the long term time cycle, you may break even if the price were more reasonable. I sent them an inquiry if they would consider selling in bulk, will see what they say. If they do, and maybe if they ship me some for free…. I will run my car with it for a week and post a review.

So thinking for the long term, I see this stuff being used one of two ways.

1. You can just mix it with your treated gasoline in bulk, right before using it. This way you generally extend the run time of your gasoline stockpile. This would probably be the preferred method for a disaster in which you need to be running constantly, but don’t expect the disaster to last more than a couple years.


2. If were talking major, nuclear winter or asteroid, TEOTWAWKI type stuff…. To me I would use up the bulk of my gasoline first. Leaving 5 or so gallons that are heavily treated with the best gas stabilizer Pri-G. Probably treating it once a year to keep it going. Then slowly use just a cup or less of gasoline every time I have to start an engine, then do the rest of my run time on Extra Fuel. This gives you the best chance to be able to run a gas engine, say even 5 years after a event and if you do run out of gas, even then, if you can just figure a way to get the engine block hot enough, maybe you would be able to get this stuff to start. Not sure how you would do that??? Obviously you cannot set you generator engine into an open flame fire…. But if you could construct a double boiler type device that was big enough, you could get the engine block (somewhat safely???) up to 212 degrees, maybe this stuff would start the engine at that temperature??? No idea really, but I would try it if I had nothing else.

In the end, a Diesel engine would probably be preferable, but if you own all gas engines, this stuff is interesting.