With all the recent “revelations” about our government snooping on us, I thought I would take a second to highlight two good articles I recently read about trying to preserve some privacy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-USA or pro illegal anything, or pro terrorist etc… To be completely honest, I want the good men/women working with three letter agencies to do, what they have to do, to keep us safe. What I don’t particularly care for, is the institutionalization of unconstitutional and overarching surveillance. Its one thing to me, if your a good guy working hard on a case, and are sure you have the bad guy, to take the risk and bend the rules to stop the bad guy. But you have to know its a risk, that holds you back and makes you think about it.

Unfortunately what we really have, is an institutionalized system that has used the never ending excuse of “public safety” and saving lives to set up tools and systems that can easily be used in scary ways, enabling massive control to be in the hands of the few.

Honestly, my longest running comfort factor has been the knowledge that, while collecting data is easy, correctly filtering and analyzing it is much, much harder, and still requires the human touch. I wonder how long that will hold.

In any case, below are a couple links to articles I found interesting about how to at least try to have some privacy. I admit, I have not really done this. I am not that paranoid, and more so, refuse to hide from people trying to enforce socialistic or un-constitutional laws upon me. The hide, is to let the thought police win. That said, there may come a time where hiding some communications may be a very valuable tool.

Reminder: One of your enemies best weapons, can be mis-information, and not allowing you to know their real limits. If everyone thinks you “All-seeing” no one will challenge you. So don’t believe any government can ever totally know all, but at the same point, realize the computer you just sent that encrypted email on, ya, its made by microsoft… gee I wonder if they built a back door keylogger,… or did the mega nerds over at NSA figure out how to install spyware on your (all?) laptop (s). So realize, the below info may help make things harder for any government to spy on you, but if a spy agency that big wants to learn about you, they will, and you best bet is probably to stay off the radar, till it doesn’t matter anymore.

I do wonder about our kids… Facial recognition is getting good, and the sheer number of cameras is only going to get truely ridiculous.

To leave you with one last thought about the All Seeing Eye. Ya know that XBOX one you just bought for your kid, with that Kinect 2. Did you know that thing can be used to detect where you are in your house based on only your heartbeat. Now take it a bit further. Do you really want a digital record of the health of your heartbeat being store and shared with insurance providers, governments, etc… Yes that info could save your life if you had a medical condition, but maybe, some of us just want to live without knowing every little thing that can/may fail in our bodies.  Maybe one day a government denies you treatment for procedure X based upon a statistical analysis of this data that shows your not worth the resources it would take to do the surgery, as you would probably die anyways. (In case you think I am nuts, here is a link.) To each is own, now please, leave me alone and stop recording me.




(Direct PDF Link for NSA-Black-Paper)