Hi All

So last weekend the spout on one of my Blitz gas cans split at the base.
Figured I would get online and see if anyone is selling replacements that works, found EZ-Pour.


At 10+ bucks, its expensive, but if it just works, sanity is worth a few bucks. Figure I will try one and see how it works, will let you know. Funny they have to state its a replacement for pre 2009 cans, and they cannot ship to a bunch of states. Someone I doubt the guy selling on ebay cares. Pointless laws, gotta love em.

Also found this other video, which shows a nice way to use a a tubeless tire valve for the vent. Will have to try this next time, only issue I see with what he did, is that I think if you use that spout, it might leak through the original vent unless you block it off with JB weld like I did in my first Gas Can post.


Cost really isn’t horrible, if you buy multiple to make the shipping work, especially when you consider you get the vent also. I spent a few bucks on just the brass bleeder valve. I think the bicycle tire valve is probably a bit cheaper. Also, little hint for those being kept down by idiot politicians, check Ruralking.com, they actually had them on sale when I bought them.

Update 2:

They came in the mail in decent time, construction looks good and most importantly, they work the way a gas can should and did a decade ago. The yellow adapter fit onto my blitz can nicely and there is no leaking when turning the can fully upside down to empty, that was my biggest worry. I have not tried the vent cap, but looking at it, it looks like it would work well, maybe a bit of jb weld, maybe not. Probably better than my bleeder valve, but not going to bother replacing them either. I bought 4 for my gas cans, and should have bought another 2, one for a small gas can and one for a kerosene can. Overall its another 10 bucks for a gas can none of us should have to pay, but thanks to stupid politicians and the EPA technocrats we have too. Add this to the long list of grievances….