Hi All

Been working on various other projects, which I will get into eventually. In the meantime I wanted to share my latest little toy. So a while ago, we bought a cheap kerosene heater from a yard sale, with 5 gallon kerosene can. Ended up getting a second 5 gallon can, and finally got around to buying a spare wick on Amazon. While I was at it, I decided to look around for a kerosene lantern. I knew they existed, but had never actually used one. After looking for a while and seeing a bunch of cheap Chinese junk, I settle on a slightly more expensive Coleman lantern. I got it for 80 bucks, which doesn’t seem cheap, but was kinda a spur of the moment purchase. I am sure you can find these things elsewhere for much cheaper, especially if you can find one used. For me, at the time, it was just something I wanted to check off the list.

So I ordered it, then I you-tubed kerosene lanterns… It was at this point I learned what a Mantel is, and a general overview of how these things work. This guy had a good video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_CJZrpGCAQ

So yeah, a mantel is a little cloth looking bag, through which kerosene vapor flows as it burns. Now this bag is actually kinda neat, and not cloth. Its some slightly radioactive element, that when heated emits a ton of light. When you install one of these bags, you actually burn it before use. You essentially burn off the outer cloth, leaving the main element, which really looks like a bag made out of ash. It is very delicate. So at this point you put the cover on, and leave it on. Now it is delicate, which is concerning from a prepper standpoint, but I read that some people have them last years, just depending on use and being careful with the lantern. So, buy 2 dozen extra mantels, then you will always have them.

Moving on, the rest of the lantern is also more complicated than I would have originally thought. There is a pump on the tank, which you use to pressurize the tank, for initial use. I think after its heated and going, it creates its own pull on the vapor, not sure gotta play with it more. So you pump this thing up like 30 times, close it off. Then there is this little pan, on the inside of the lantern. You have to use a little bottle thing, to squirt some alcohol into this pan. Then you light that on fire. This acts to heat the main supply tube. You let that burn for a couple minutes, then turn on the knob to let the kerosene vapor flow. You can definitely hear the gas flow, and wow does it get brighter than you think. The model I got puts off over 700 lumens. I think the tank is ~ 2 pints or less, and it states 5+ hour burn time. You definitely shouldn’t use this thing in doors, puts off too much carbon monoxide I think.

Kerosene Lantern

So this thing is neat, and if you already are stocking some kero, its probably a good thing to keep around. The 80 bucks I spent seems a bit much. Coleman is a good brand though. Now that I see this one in action, and have researched a bit more, I am interested in another model they make that is dual fuel. At first i was turned off, as it runs on Coleman fuel, but then I read that the other fuel is unleaded gas… So that’s kinda cool. I do stock gas anyways, so having a way to turn that into light is good. That lantern is ~60 some on Amazon, and the burn time is from 7 – 14 hours, which is cool.

All things said, these things seem cool, and good options to have around. Although the prepper in me is telling me I need to get some oil lanterns, with a bunch of cheap bulk wick. Will post on that later, when I get some.