As many of you have probably come to notice, I tend to be overly verbose in my posting. I like  to think I am being thorough. In any case, here is a quick short post about a shelf/rack I finally got around to building for my ham equipment. Got most of the equipment for free, and really wanted to use it in the garage, but felt it needed some protection from metal shavings coming off that drill press. The wood was recycled from another shelf I made, what…. 4 years ago. Came together nice enough for a 1 night build. Its connected to the back of the desk with vertical 1X2, so its pretty solid. Equipment on it is, (from top left downward) Battery Tender (Charging deep cycle battery, on floor), Kenwood VHF radio (free), HF Tuner (free), HF SWR meter (free), Kenwood HF rig (free), 25 Amp DC supply (free). Now all that is left is getting that HF antenna up. That will involve a 60′ underground run to a shed. From there I will need to ask my neighbor if I can string one end of a dipole to a tree on his property. My property literally isn’t big enough. 🙁

I will take a second and say that I really like the Battery Tender. They aren’t cheap, but seem really well made and seem to be treating my battery well. Its supposed to be a really “smart” charger, and it better be for the price.

Ham Rack