Hi All

Sorry for the long silence between posts. So So many project going on, plus regular work, plus finishing a downstairs. I also join the Adams 912 Patriots Prepper Committee and will be giving a presentation or two at our meeting tomorrow. See details here: http://adams912patriots.org/archives/1616 Seems conservative have been asking for this type of information, go figure. In any case, as part of this I have put together a couple presentations that I will show. One is on my generator setup, which I have been meaning to write a post on forever. The other is about the Bug Out Bag. These presentations have been placed on this site on the Presentations page. There you will also find some information on water purification which was put together by others in the group. I hope to slowly add to this collection. You can also find some other information on a site made by another member, http://divine3.wix.com/adamsfreedomconnector#!documents

Enjoy the presentations and hopefully as the garden slows down and winter draws nearer, I will be able to make more posts and go into detail about that Tri Fuel Generator.