So what do you do if the SHTF, you cannot get even the most basic tools and somehow find yourself needing to weld scrap iron onto a truck body as makeshift armor? (What that never happens, your nuts… Nevermind those pictures from Lybia.) Well, just grab that junked microwave in the basement! I found this  while reading one of my regular sites Hack A Day and came across a really good video series which described in detail how to tear down a microwave to get the transformer and re-work it for whatever you need. You can search youtube for many examples of people using microwave transformers as welders, with varying results.

I think this guy did a great job putting together a very thorough breakdown and rebuild tutorial, complete with simple math illustrations and funny/witty little jokes to keep it fun. Overall this seems like a great little bit of knowledge to stash away in your head, specifically due to the general simplicity of the process and the many applications. I really like how he dumbs down all the math to some general principles to follow. 1 turn per volt, plan on 60% fill rate max, etc… I can definitely see the utilitarian value in being able to make a welder from simple components that could be found in any basement. I could also imagine electric security fences (Of course that would be dangerous). This might also be good for some electroplating/electrolysis stuff, but I don’t know enough about those this to say for sure. Anybody else have some good ideas for using large transformers in emergency situations? This video should bring out the MacGyver in everyone.