As many of you probably know, there is a new prepper show on tonight. Doomsday Bunkers on Discover Channel.

Who would have ever thought there would be 3, yes 3, prepper shows on mainstream tv and 2 on the same night!

I literally just finished watching Independence USA on and go right into another prepper show. What a great way to get over a really crappy hump Wednesday at work.

In case you don’t know about the other prepper show, thats Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic.

So, my overall impression of these shows, well of course they are all, in at least a small way, having a little fun at the preppers expense. Now I personally am ok with that to an extent. If your prepping to any serious degree and cannot step back a little bit and laugh at yourself realizing your probably a little nuts, well you need to step outside and get some fresh air and go out and get a beer with friends. That said, the worst of these 3 shows has to be doomsday preppers in this regard. They have definitely gone the extra mile to find the extra crazy preppers and make them look ultra nuts. That said, its still worth the watch just to help stash a few more ideas in your head. Lets face it, after SHTF, ever single piece of info you can stash in your brain is going to be ultra valuable once Google is gone.

Let me take this moment to urge you, if your reading a cool how to or watching a good instructional video on youtube. Take the time to print it out and throw it in a folder if you can. Once you stop and think about it, its amazing how little we have written down now adays, and all that info could be mega valuable.

As for the Independence USA, I generally like the show. Ya the guy is a bit nutty, and ya he doesn’t go about all his projects in the best/most realistic fashion, but its a show. He gets a fun hobby, while (I assume) making a bit of money from the series, and he gets to do some fun stuff with the family. I like the regular Joe feel to it.

Now back to Doomsday Bunkers, I’m about halfway through watching it, and honestly I am fairly impressed. It doesn’t feel as dumb as Doomsday Preppers and they are showing some neat stuff. I particularly like the automated gun turret. Who knows, one day that might be a fun project. (With an extreme focus on safety of course!)

So overall first impressions, show looks good enough to keep watching, and the fact that this is the third prepper show, really makes me feel people are inherently feeling things will happen.