Hi Again

I, like most preppers, watch the news seek out the truth about whats going on in the world, and lets face it, with how fast information flows and how much is going on in the world, it takes a fair amount of your day to take in all that can happen in a day. So I have found myself needing to make my lunchtime browsing as efficient as possible. Now lets face it, most of the main stream media sources, Fox, CNN, etc… are fairly ridiculous and evidently slanted, to say nothing about your MSNBC’s etc.. After several years of intently watching the world and seeing who is right the most, I have found three sites that are generally worth the time.

1. Drudge Report
2. The Blaze
3. Zero Hedge

To start, Drudge is a great collection of the most worthwhile reading scoured from many websites, at least from the conservative perspective. The Blaze seem to focus more on you human interest stories, and regularly goes the extra mile to dig down on those real interesting stories. Zero Hedge seems to be one of the most intelligent blogs out there and seems to give no BS discussion about the financial happenings of the day. For instance, does any other news source inform you that the stock market volume has gone ridiculously low since the credit downgrade? No, all you hear is the euphoria about hitting 12,500 again on the Dow. They also find really good (scary) graphs about the markets, that no one else talks about. Now when reading these sites you have to keep in mind your generally in a doom and gloom, self re-enforcing circle, but just because these sites (definitely zero hedge) do this, it doesn’t mean its wrong all the time and call me crazy but I am sick and tired of the “everything is fine” BS the main stream media slings. I would rather be surprised when the economy doesn’t collapse, than sit there stunned when everything goes to hell and never seeing it coming. I consider the no-nonsense information you will find on these sites useful for gauging how fast you want to prep. Allows you to re-focus as the most likely threat changes for that time. For example, right now I am more worried about fuel than I was 3+ months ago, as it now seems inevitable for Iran and Israel to go at it.

Other than these sites I typically hit http://slashdot.com for my technology news, and finish it off with http://hackaday.com which might just give you lots of little ideas that could come in real handy when trying to hack stuff together in a post SHTF world.

Now that we have talked about these sites, I do want to promise not to clutter up this site crazy crap going on in the news, there is just way too much non-sense that will get you all fired up. Generally I post like 3+ articles on facebook a day,  just to let the people in my life know whats going on. That said, I will post articles that may be exciting for preppers directly, such as the new Doomsday Preppers show on  National Geographic, or articles about our government classifying prepper activities at terrorist activities, etc…

So what are your no BS, real news websites?