A Functional Gas Can

I dedicate my second post to the nimrod politician that decided to make it illegal to manufacture/buy a gas can that actually works. I could go on for a while about my thoughts about said politician, buts its not worth it.

Now that the rest of us normal people must actually obey these laws, I must lead off with a few statements.

1. I do not advocate anybody actually performing the modifications in this post as they may be illegal (not sure).
2. I performed these modifications as a test with water and have since destroyed/thrown away the gas can  so I am no longer in possession of a possibly illegal (umm functional) gas can.
3. Last I checked, it is not illegal to possess all the items in this build, so you can at least keep all the components on hand, should you need them in a situation where US law suddenly doesn’t apply.
4. Anything you do with information on this page (or any page on coolprepperstuff.com) is at your own risk and I assume no responsibility for your stupidity.

Now that all of that non-sense is out of the way.

If you couldn’t tell I absolutely hate the nozzle things they put on modern day plastic gas cans. My wife and I do the giant gas points thing, and you can use the points on up to thirty gallons. Problem is, our cars tank is only 15 gallons and I hate leaving money at the pump. So I always bring along gas cans to cover the difference. Problem is that with the “enviromentally friendly” (AKA dumb) cans, it takes like 3-5 minutes to empty a 5 gallon can. Time is money, and this process shouldn’t take much more than 30 seconds. The dumb can just sits there slowly gurgling the gas out. After looking at the can for a while and a couple youtube searches I realized the can could easily be modified. Here is the stuff required:

1. Plastic Gas Can
2. JB Weld
3. Air Compressor Bleeder Valve
4. Drill with bit.

Assembly isn’t that mind blowing, and you can see it in the pictures. Note that with this type of nozzle cap the vent holes under the nozzle must be blocked or else the liquid will come out of them when pouring fast. (Wait, wouldn’t those vent holes let out those vapors I thought this legal can was supposed to prevent??) Also note that if you really wanted to you could remove nozzle valve and just put a darn cap on the white pour tube. That way you wouldn’t even have to press down on the green nozzle to release the gas. It would work just the same way as old gas cans. I didn’t bother for this test and it still poured pretty fast. If SHTF and you actually have to do this, don’t worry about using a drill for 2 seconds on the back of a gas can, gas won’t blow up that fast, just use an empty can, open it up and let it air for a minute if your really worried. Also make sure to use JB weld, two part epoxy will just turn yellow and flake off.

Air Compressor Bleeder Valve Makes a Great Twist Vent

Vents plugged with JB weld.

To finish off my diatribe on dumb dumb laws, PA took stupidity to a whole other level. Ya see the white pour tube. Ya, its illegal for them to sell that tube with the actual freaking gas can. No idea why… Gas cans I buy in MD have the tube. What gets me the most is that they cannot sell the little white plastic tube with the can, but they sell a replacement nozzle/cap in a package with 2 white tubes. So I cannot just buy the tube with the can, but I can spend a whole 5 bucks on a replacement cap and get a 10 cent white tube. Needless to say I refused to pay the extra money, and a quick search on eBay allowed me to get the tubes for a buck each.

So unless  you missed my overall point in this article, current gas can laws are dumb!